Our Philosophy

At Ranger Asset Management, we promote a strict set of values that places our investors first by focusing on:

We are proud to diligently follow these principles with enthusiasm and a genuine enjoyment for our way of doing business. This program has served us well and we have been rewarded with happy customers and loyal, repeat investors.


Ranger Asset Management is always seeking innovative technology and methods to improve efficiencies in both capital expenditures as well as daily operations. We keep looking so you don't have to.


We recognize that we have a responsibility as corporate citizens to minimize our environmental footprint. We continually seek ways to reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, and operate more sustainably in all of our real estate endeavors. We spend considerably to regularly upgrade our assets to accomplish this and pass the savings on to our customers and investors.

Our Strategy

Ranger Asset Management seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns through investments in parking assets in with close proximity to diverse demand drivers such as hospitals, universities, and other commercial institutions. Ranger seeks acquisitions in the $15MM to $100MM range and adds value through best-in-class operational management, access to multiple sources to capital, and unique asset class experience.

Why Structured Parking?

The pressures on profitability and demand for capital are driving health systems and universities to monetize both non-core businesses at an unprecedented rate. Thus an opportunity has been created that is not well-known. Our extensive contacts in the healthcare industry and proactive outreach to university administrations leads to better pricing through negotiated acquisitions. Attractive risk adjusted cash flow and investment returns in response to market conditions leads to greater stability and opportunity for future growth. Structured parking garages provide diversification within larger real estate portfolios. Well-located parking assets provide an effective hedge against exogenous disruptions as a cash-flowing land bank available for future redevelopment.

Where Do We Invest?

We consider acquisitions across the United States and Canada. However, we focus on gateway cities and growing secondary markets with large health systems and universities and vibrant downtown districts.

How Do We Invest?

We conduct thorough due diligence before every investment decision. We consider a multitude of factors including long-term parking licenses, stable and diverse demand drivers, market trends, and regional economic conditions. Our flexible investment strategy employs all the following methods:

  • Fee Simple Acquisition
  • Sale-Leaseback & Asset-Backed Financing
  • Complex Ownership Situations
  • Build-to-Suit Development
  • Entity Recapitalizations
  • Private Equity Platform Investments